Here’s a collection of either webpages, applications, or services I highly recommend and use on an everyday basis. If you have any question, or based on this list have a suggestion, please let me know!


Great homepage replacement. Create a public (or private) webpage with nine direct links or links to additional folders full of nine more links. If you’re ever stuck at a strange computer, simply visit your 3x3links page to access all of your favorites without having to download/install any applications/extensions.

AppBrain (Android)

Surf the Android marketplace and manage your device’s applications in one place. Search, browse popular apps, install, uninstall, and update apps right from your PC.

Budget Sketch

Free or $2.99/month
Common sense budgeting. Finances a bit simpler but you still need help with building a budget? Budget Sketch is for you. It doesn’t track any spending, it simply allows you to create a budget based on your manually entered income and expenses. Revel in the common sense idea of spending only the money you have and living within your means.

Bulkr Removed 7/14/2001

Free or $29.95 Pro
Flickr tool for downloading original files. As a Flickr Pro user, I store all of my pictures on Flickr, using the cloud to keep my photos accessible no matter where I am. However, getting pictures down from the site in bulk is not as easy as getting them up to the site in bulk. That’s where Bulkr comes in. Download a chosen few, or an entire album.


eBook library management. Having two eReaders, with books purchased from different stores, I found it necessary to consolidate, manage & sync my digital library. Calibre does just that, along with a slew of other features such as RSS feed conversion & syncing and metatag editing.


Color picker & pallet creator. I’ve self diagnosed myself with OCD, and find it impossible to ignore the ability to be exact if such an ability is possible. ColorPic helps to quell my need for true color matching when creating any kind of color element; webpages, publications, logos, etc. The applications simplicity is really what keeps in my arsenal of perfecting tools.

Flick and Share

Download your Flickr pictures in bulk. This service is replacing the previously suggested Bulkr – which is really limited in it’s free capacity (only the most recent 500 photos, not original size). Flick & Share is “grandma proof” and allows you the ability to create a single, share-able link to a Flickr set for one-click download. Great for sharing with friends & family who prefer to print or store the files – in three steps you have a link and in one step they are able to download.


Free or $14.95/year
Screen capture and sharing. A picture truly is worth a thousand words – especially when you’re trying to communicate over digital methods such as emails & webpages. Jing offers a quick, powerful screen capture tool that will upload to multiple sites and provide you with the embed code in one click, as well as allow you to add call-outs and text. Indispensable for blogging and technological troubleshooting.

Join Me

Screen sharing. I use this in order to help my friends & family with computer problems. Its quick, easy & best of all – free. There are other similar screen sharing tools, but they are usually a bit more confusing due to the fact that they wrap RDP and VPN capabilities into the package, and require registration or client application installation.


Free or $12/year
Password keeper.Its said that in order to have a secure online life you should use multiple passwords, but how to remember them all? LastPass is a password keeper (and generator) different from other password keepers in the fact that you do not maintain the database of passwords on a single machine. Instead, it’s stored in the cloud and accessible from any web browser. It simplifies logging into sites by using extensions, and can be hands free or completely manual – depending on the settings you choose.

Media Monkey

Free or up to $39.95
Music library management. I discovered this tool just recently due to a weird feature with my Android phone that displays all of my album art in my photo gallery. I was told to embed the album art into the file and it would resolve my issue – enter Media Monkey. But that really is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to its worth. The other most appreciated feature is the ability to grab all your music from multiple file locations, organize them according to whatever naming scheme you choose, and then MOVE (that’s right, not copy) all the music to one location and delete the empty files it leaves behind. How brilliant is that?! Messy media libraries: Watch out.


Money management made easy. If someone had told me a few years ago, “Put all your banking account logins on this site, we’re legit” I would have laughed my ass off. However, that’s exactly what you do with Mint – you provide all your online banking information and it collects everything into one site. So instead of having to visit individual banking, credit card, loan, & investment sites you visit Mint and hit multiple birds with one stone. Add in powerful reporting & tracking tools and you have no excuse to know exactly where all your money is going.

My Food Diary

Food, exercise, and body tracker with a healthy & balanced lifestyle in mind. Best part, I’ve found, about the service is that it provides you encouragement by showing you all the good you’re doing instead of only focusing on all the bad.


Simple image editing, with advanced features. Photoshop is amazing. But it’s not always necessary, takes time to learn, it’s costly, and quite the resource hog on lower end Window PCs – enter Paint.NET. I’ve been using this one for YEARS – having heard about it as a good replacement for Microsoft Paint. You have all your basic tools, but with advanced features so you can do much more with much less. If all you need is precise cropping and resizing tools, robust recoloring options, and common stylized filters – Paint.NET an excellent choice. (Built on the Microsoft .NET framework, so only available for Window computers)


RDP application for interfacing between desktop PCs and mobile devices. When I was issued an iPad at my work, I was quick to try and answer the soon-to-be-asked RDP question. There are a few applications out there, but I found this free service to be the best. I tested it against iTeleport and later GoToMyPC and found it still superior. I was famliar with the Wyse name because we utlize their VMs in our company. Anyhow – this application allows you to interface to not only Apple devices (iphones, itouch, ipad) but also Android devices. Its free, easy to setup, and doesn’t require the user to know any port or security protocols.


Paid software/website testing community. If you’re tech savvy, have a variety of devices, with some free time – get paid for your hobby! Join the tester community and get paid for providing feedback and discovering bugs for websites and applications.


File directory size reporting. Ever gotten that dreaded “no more space available” message on your Windows PC and thought to yourself, where do I start? Windows makes it painfully difficult to discover the folder size without multiple clicks and all you know is that your primary drive is full. WinDirStat analyzes any selected drives and tells you the exact file size breakdown. I’ve used it multiple times at my work because the fact is I don’t know where John Smith stores all his data, I just know he needs to find it now.


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