Is anybody still out there? I don’t blame you.

Well, my personal blog has really turned to mush. Rarely updated, non-conversation starters, entirely too serious most days or simply a “life update” on others. This is exactly what I didn’t want my blog to become so…

I’m switching off for awhile.

I’m not quite sure when or if I’ll come back. I may never be in a place in my life where I do much more than go to an office everyday and take care of my kids at night. I’m okay with that – but I’m not okay with blogging about that. For one thing, I like having a private side of my life, and for another – I don’t believe anyone is really interested. Those who are, I keep up with using other avenues. It would be different if my close friends or family were into blogging as well – but they’re not.

Signing off, ta-ta for now!